Dance FAQ

We are aware you may have some questions about your first dance lesson with us. Don't worry, we've prepared a list of frequently asked questions in order to put your mind at ease so you can get the most out of your first ballroom dance lesson. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Q. Can I learn to dance?

Yes, you can! Every great dancer used to be a beginner in the past. Dancing becomes enjoyable and fun the moment you begin dance lessons with us. It's our responsibility to make things easy and explain the dance in the most understandable way to you. Hundreds have already learned to dance from us.

Q. How much is to learn dancing?

It depends. First we have to know what level of a dancer you are at the moment, and how fast you want to progress. The best way to find out is to Contact Us and schedule your first, introductory lesson with either Artur or Monika, so we can dance a little bit and discuss all the details.

Q. Do I need a partner to start dancing?

You do not need to bring a partner to learn and enjoy dancing with us. Pro-Am system gives you the possibility to grow faster as a dancer and enjoy more, without worrying about too many details. Either Artur or Monika will dance with you on the lesson.

Q. Am I too old (or to young) to start dancing?

Age is just a number. How old would you be if you forgot your birth day? We successfully teach students from 3 to 99 years old (young;-).

Q. How long will it take to learn how to dance?

It depends. You will be able to begin dancing after your first lesson. The length of your training depends upon how many dances you would like to learn and how proficient you would like to become in each dance.

Q. Is dancing easy to learn?

Yes, it is. If you can move, you can dance. We specialize in breaking things down and adjusting the pace of learning specifically to each individual.

Q. I have busy schedule. Will my lessons interfere with it?

We understand that life tends to be busy for most great people. Taking private lessons gives you the possibility to schedule them at a time convenient to you. The private lesson is 45 min. If you want to boost your progress and save time on commuting you can schedule 2 lessons in a row.

Q. What’s the benefit of taking dance lessons?

There is so many of them. For more information, please visit Benefits of Dancing.