We have over 10 years of experience of working with kids. We taught hundreds of them how to Ballroom Dance. We choregraphed countless demonstrations of kids groups as well as couples showcases. But beyond learning mere steps we understand how important it is for the kids to learn the ballroom etiquette. How a boy should treat a girl and how this knowledge will influence their future lives. Ballroom Dance is also a phenomenal tool to overcome shyness and stage-fright from the very early age.

We are extremely passionate about teaching kids because we believe in this way we can shape the future and leave something valuable for next generations.

Cami K.

2018 Boca Ballroom Dance Sport Competition, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

12 first places in single dances

2018 Caribbean Dancesport Classic, San Juan, Porto Rico

62 first places in single dances

2018 South Open Dancesport Championships, Orlando, Florida

1st place Top Junior Student overall

36 first places in single dances

2019 New York Dance Festival, New York, New York

1st place -JR American Rhythm Open Advanced Championship (C/R/SW/M)

1st place JR American Smooth Open Advanced Championship (W/T/F/VW)

18 first places in single dances

2019 Daytona Beach Bash, Daytona Beach, Florida

56 first places in single dances

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels